We’re live!

Finally the wait is over! After months of preparation, and consultation with people who know a lot more about this sort of thing than I do, we have a working website! Even as we launched, there are plans to expand and enhance the experience of this form of communication!

I am excited for the opportunity to reach out into the ether and find a way to declare the truth of the Gospel in a different way. This has been a humbling experience, learning how to craft the pages that will be our first foray into the internet, that is, aside from Facebook, Zoom, etc.

Thanks to Rev. Bud Russell for his helpful feedback, and to Sharon Waltman, for her editing, and tireless patience with my faltering first attempts. Special thanks also to the leadership of White Hall Baptist Church for their trust in this process as we seek to be more relevant in this changing world, ever faithful to the call to ministry, service, and mission.

May God bless our effort.

Rev. John McCarty

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